by Chris George

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A bunch of demos, recorded on cell phones and shitty computers within the last year.


released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Chris George Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: March
Johnny's getting high in the backyard, and I figured I'd write this song
'Cause I can't stop thinking about you, and Wintergreen is so far away
You should've seen me in the morning; I was trying to save your face
But you’re honest and I’m such a disgrace

Well all the time I want to say try to stop and rearrange your motives
I’m trying to wake up and find my keys, but I don’t want you to leave
If we haven’t hugged goodbye like we mean it

And Nick dragged me along to this house show and it's the weekend of my eighteenth birthday
He said it probably would've helped me cheer up if there were more than seven people
But the truth is all I needed was a lousy little text or tweet
But you're busy and you’re honest and I’m such a disgrace

I love my friends, that why I say “I don’t need you”, but I’m lying through my teeth
I’m trying to collect my scattered things, and I’ll live with the debris
And the fire’s flames on me

I didn’t even like that movie, but it was the best one I’ve ever seen, cause you laying on top of me
And we should’ve had breakfast at Ihop, but you said it was like a date; well I was just trying to make your day
And I wish it was like those movies where I’m at that dick who steals your girl,
But he’s better and you’re honest and I’m such a mistake
And I can’t help but feeling better when you tell me it’s alright,
And I can’t help but to feel bitter when I see you with him

And you’re so sweet, the way you speak, I can’t look away
And every peek I get to see of you and me is okay.
Track Name: 10 Second Head-Start
It's time that I grow a pair and grow up now
'Cause I can't live with being so far down
Below you and girl you have me choking now
You have me hung out to dry

It wasn't me who gave you a Ricky Martin CD
I took the time and made a mixtape for you
But you never listened to the songs I picked
Which said every word I couldn't get off my chest
And you wonder why I act so strange when you mention him
And you don't get anything

I’m done with you for a week or two
But I’ll be back before you notice I’m gone
And I’ll write you one more song
When is this going to end?
Track Name: Nineteen
Smoking on the porch with Drew
Never failed to make me feel not blue
And all those nights I was down,
I just needed a night on the town

I find it hard getting in tune
With lonely days in my dorm room
I could always find decent ways
To forget those darker days

But if we’re leaving out beer
And the few ones I have near
Then I don't see this getting better
And I will never forget her

I'm not wishing this on myself
I'd just rather be someplace else
Like the dock at Deep Run park
Or the James where the river parts

'Cause I've never felt so alone
And I can't even go home
My friends are falling off bridges
And I'm only sleeping in ditches

It's a pity that it fell apart
Nicole I'd give you my heart
Or at least just a tiny bit
…I've lost a lot of it

I remember when it was cool
Throwing parties after school
We always trashed my house
I should've kicked all you guys out

But this year has worn me down
And with nothing close around
To remind me of better times
Sometimes I just wanna die
Track Name: No. 27 Medium
The first time I lost what I loved
I was younger, I still believed in a God
Who was doing his best
While I slept in funeral homes

The next time I realized the pain
Of a hollow embrace
Like my dad would say
Don't ever wish your loved ones away

The last time I carried the pain
I threw up the memories from the back of my head
I thawed in myself; it’s a miracle that I am still here

And I know you see through my hands
That I bury my words in with alcohol cans
The pack of his reds are my saviors in this heart-broken land
Track Name: You Are A Tomb
What a Tuesday evening
There's no place like a funeral home to make me feel so alone
What a shitty morning
I'd close the blinds if I could move but I’m waiting for the truth

You could read me just like a book with pages torn and numbers crumbled

Now it's Friday morning
There's nothing like a stick in my eye
I found you here so surprised
What a breaking moment
I'd try for the door of my room to keep you out (keep me in)

No longer settling
You found the truth of setting fires
While I’m sitting in your old room
All my possessions can't tell the truth
I’m on fire
You are a tomb
Track Name: Winter Sickness
I’m coming down with winter sickness
Contorting image I’m getting twitches
I’m dancing the line as a two faced coward
Collecting flowers and picking the pedals off clean
I’m counting on the death of my friends
And lovers, family, we'll all find dirt at the end

It's too cold to tell I'm hurt
Numbs the pain
I would give it away
I'm coming down with illness
I'm calling quits
Please take me away

I'm looking forward to no expressions
I'm over dosed with the lack of nerve of the end
You’re counting on me but I’m not better
I think that sometimes I'd be well off dead or away
Track Name: Untitled
I know what you're thinking
We don't have to stay out late
I'm sure you have things to do
And I'm not that great
But I have a backpack
And I have some beer
Let’s go to some party
You can use me my dear, I don't care

'Cause at a point there’s nothing I can do
Yeah at a point there's nothing I can do
If you don't want to be in my room

I see your composure,
It stiffen up as I speak
You don't have to be so nervous
You break my heart every week
I just want to ask you
Let’s go get some food
But I'm set for dying
Alone in my tomb, I don't care

'Cause there’s a point I take all I can take
Yeah there’s a point I take all I can take
If you say no, you don't want to go
But no I won't let you go

I woke up this morning
With this powerful tune
About my friends and the river
And the pain I've gone through
I've tried getting better
I tried something with you
And I'm trying so hard girl
But you don't have a clue, no you don't

And at a point there’s nothing I can do
Yeah at a point there's nothing I can do
If you don't want to be in my room
But I'll gladly be in your room