acoustic ep

by Chris George

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released February 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Chris George Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Braves
Counting all the bolts in my bed from light in the sky
I found a way to die by sleeping on my side
Breaking all my bones in my fingers holding tight
To the light of the phone just waiting for your reply
If life became this pointless, I think I'd lose my mind
But I found a wayward smile hiding in my sight
Counting all the meanings of words whispered that night
If there's a way to find out I'd think you were right
I think at the least youre a poster child for pride
You are the greatest at sleeping alone on your side

So let me know where you are
I'm in some sort of dark state, I am blind
Let me know when you decide

Wearing down on me is the weight of my demise
I haven't slept at night for way too long of a time
Breaking all my promises that I made to myself
Like how I would give it a try to forget the cards I was dealt
I was feeling certain that night that you were so right
Now I'm a lonely boy sharing the light of the wild
Honey I was thinking I could come over tonight
I found a way to smile by sleeping by your side

So let me know where you are
I'm in some sort of dark state, I am blind
Let me know when you decide
Track Name: Get Me Out Alive
"Get me out alive"
It was a thursday night when we held our heads above the foggy lights
And we ran from the scene with teenage speed
As the police sirens flashed with blues and reds like the fourth of july across the county line
So we hid in the banks behind Godwin High under district signs like the school was ours
Till we found the path to get us to your car

You said "Chris I'm still drunk, lets just sit and wait this out"
So we talked about what the next few years have in store, and I stared
When you said you didn't care and I felt just the same, apathetically
And I wanted to cry

You were there in spite of your parents own abuse of oversight
You were always there when I wanted to die and I needed your life
And I told you I would get you out alive, I guess that's a fucking lie
But you held in the tears like I held back mine
Why'd you have to die?
Track Name: Fireblower
You found someone but he don't listen when you talk
And if you call, I'm always staring at the wall
Because I've been hurt this bad before
where hopeless is a lifestyle and it matched the mask I wore

You opened up, you went and told him how it was
I blew my part, sat burning rubber at the start
And I'd just had a dream last night
And you said that you still loved me, but it won't work out right
If I've learned anything

So I'll wait for waves to crash in succession
And I'll brave it out until I rid this depression

I've tried to talk, but I can't think of what to say
I've tried to walk, but I can not find the way
Yeah I've been lost like this before
But only for a moment
I'm not sure if I'll return

Because I lost you
Track Name: Nothing
The scars start to show but how could I know?
I saw a friend dead, now I stay in bed
I don't think I can go back home
These notes say I can't be happy anymore

Last year I slow burned and now I'm deplored
And you lose track of loves 'cause that's what you are
I don't want to grow old with no one
To kill me with reason or resolve

Your mascaras on my sheets still
and I can't mend without a stronger will
Or bastion of a single phrase, all the awful things I say

The hardships distract and I can't react
So the issues withstand and if I were good at plans,
I'd end up dead at my own hand
And the worst part is I'd still feel nothing